The Morris Plains Beautification Committee is a town sponsored organization focused on improving and beautifying town properties throughout the Borough.  

Projects undertaken by the Committee are quite varied, and of “manageable” size including such things as designing and maintaining the flower gardens and flower pots around Borough Hall and the Community Center, sponsoring and maintaining the Morris Plains Community Garden on Central Avenue, designing and maintaining the flower gardens and plantings around the various gazebos, parks and road intersections within the Borough etc.

The committee also develops new opportunities within the borough to beautify or improve town properties.  For instance, the Morris Plains Community Garden was developed and proposed to the Borough Council by the Beautification Committee

The Committee typically operates on a project-oriented basis where a member or group of members is responsible for a specific project.

Anyone interested in joining us is encouraged to call Nancy  Critchley at 973-390-1129 or EMAIL her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.