Morris County At-Home COVID Testing


Morris County will launch at-home and mobile COVID-19 testing programs for Morris County residents and workers within the next week , as the number of new cases in the county continues to increase in correlation with a spike in the virus statewide.

The Morris County COVID-19 Recovery Task Force was formed to develop strategies to assist businesses and communities overcome pandemic impacts. The purpose of the expanded testing is to:

  • Identify Asymptomatic IndividualsIncrease Test
  • Availability for Symptomatic Individuals
  • Detect Clusters or Outbreaks
  • Provide Trending Data for Proactive Measures

The testing will involve going to the Morris County website and accessing a portal but the county still is in the process of developing the portal.  Once the portal is active, announcements will be made and further information will be shared with the public. 

We will update you accordingly.
Jason C. Karr