Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board of Adjustment Meeting Minutes 12/19/11

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Morris Plains Board of Adjustment held on December 19, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 531 Speedwell Avenue. 

The following members were present:   

Mr. John Conway   

Mrs. Rosemary Lopez 

Mr. Martin Reilly

Mr. Roy Stewart

Ms. Joan Scaccia

Mr. David Schulz, Chairman    


Mrs. Ruth Mills         

Mr. John Scagnelli         

Mr. William Denzler, Borough Planner                                               

Mr. Leon Hall, Borough Engineer                                               

Mr. Michael Sullivan, Board Attorney 


The meeting was called to order by Mr. Schulz. 

Mr. Schulz made the statement that adequate notice of this meeting has been published and posted in accordance with Chapter 231 of the Public Law of 1975, "Open Public Meetings Act." 


Mr. Schulz stated the next agenda item is approval of the meeting minutes of the Regular Meeting on November 28, 2011. 

Mr. Conway moved that the minutes of the November 28, 2011 Regular Board Meeting be approved as presented, seconded by Mrs. Lopez.

Roll Call   

Yeas:        Mr. Conway, Mrs. Lopez, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Stewart, Ms. Scaccia, Mr. Schulz

Abstain:       Mr. Bozza   

Nays:        None

Absent:      Mrs. Mills, Mr. Scagnelli

Motion carried. 


Mr. Schulz opened the meeting to the public to speak on matters other than those on the agenda.  Hearing none, he closed this portion of the meeting to the public. 

BA-6-11 – Denise Yuliano, Trustee, 49 Dogwood Drive – Rear Block:  72  Lot:  12

Mr. Schulz stated this application is being reviewed for completeness only at tonight’s meeting.  He stated neither the Applicant nor the attorney for the Applicant is present.  The Board’s Professionals are not present at this meeting either, although each has provided documentation as to their assessment of completeness.  Each Professional has recommended that this application be deemed incomplete for public hearing.  He asked if there were any questions from the Board members.

Mr. Conway moved that the application be deemed incomplete, seconded by Mr. Reilly.

Roll Call   

Yeas:        Mr. Conway, Mrs. Lopez, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Bozza, Ms. Scaccia, Mr. Schulz   

Nays:        None

Absent:      Mrs. Mills, Mr. Scagnelli

Motion carried. 

Mr. Schulz stated that in the event the Applicant reads these meeting minutes, the additional documentation to support completeness must be submitted to the Board Secretary no later than January 9, 2012. 


Mr. Stewart reported there is one bill for payment to William Denzler & Associates for professional services rendered to the Board of Adjustment during the month of November 2011 in the amount of $28.75.  

Mr. Stewart moved that the bill be approved for payment, seconded by Mr. Conway.

Roll Call   

Yeas:        Mr. Conway, Mrs. Lopez, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Bozza, Ms. Scaccia, Mr. Schulz   

Nays:        None

Absent:      Mrs. Mills, Mr. Scagnelli

Motion carried. 


Mr. Schulz reminded that the Borough’s Re-Organization Meeting will be held on January 5, 2012 beginning at 7:30 p.m. 

This Board’s Re-Organization Meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2012.  Nominations for Chairman will be considered at this meeting, and he concurred with Mr. Stewart’s opinion of several years ago that the position of Chairman be rotated through the Board members.  He asked that any interested member include their name at the January meeting.      

Mr. Schulz advised that Mr. Conway is resigning from the Board after 12 years of service, and this is his last meeting.   The Board Secretary will provide a notice to the Board members regarding a get-together.  Mr. Conway will advise of his availability to attend a pre-meeting get-together prior to the January 23, 2012 Board meeting. 


Escrow Report

The Board Secretary reported that no Escrow Report was received this month. 

Cross discussion about the businesses located at the new Route 10 East strip mall, including a possible hair salon business, measurements for one or more signs, paving to be done, that the Resolution states no business can be opened until the entire project is complete, checklists that must still be met, the existing large building on the site, and other issues relating to this project. 

There being no further business, Mr. Conway moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Mr. Reilly. 

Voice vote.  All in favor.  Motion carried. 

Karen M. Coffey                                                                                               

Commission Secretary 

Maureen Sullivan

Recording Secretary