Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board of Health Meeting Minutes 02/09/11

The regular meeting of the Morris Plains Board of Health was held February 9, 2011 at 7:30 P.M., in the Council Chambers, Borough Hall, 531 Speedwell Avenue, Morris Plains, New Jersey. The following members were present:

Present: Mrs. Catherine Marshall

Mrs. Pam Nelson

Mr. Larry Ripley

Dr. Dario Fenimore

Attending: Mr. Ben Samara, Sanitarian

Mrs. Laurie Fu, Council Liaison

Pledge of Allegiance

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Marshall. Mrs. Marshall made the statement that adequate notice of this meeting has been published and posted in accordance with Chapter 231 of the Public Laws of 1975, "Open Public Meetings Act."


Dr. Fenimore moved that the Minutes of the Jan. 12, 2011 Reorganizational Meeting be approved as circulated, seconded by Mrs. Pam Nelson. The motion was unanimously passed. Mrs. Nelson then moved that the Minutes of the Jan. 12, 2011 Regular Meeting be approved as circulated, seconded by Dr. Fenimore. The motion was unanimously passed.




Sanitarian Mr. Samara reported that the new year has gotten off to a very good start. Carmel Haifa, Just a Buck, GNC, Acme and Quik Stop were inspected and all received Satisfactory ratings. Mr. Samara mentioned that he plans to continue visiting the Municipal parking lots on a regular basis.

Councilwoman Fu reported that a check for $102 was sent to the Greystone Dog Park. Mrs. Fu presented the Board with a sample report from Denville Animal Control. This was compared to St. Hubert’s and it was noted that exact addresses are included in Denville’s reports. The Board will request copies of these reports from Denville from our Clerk’s office.

Mrs. Fu reported that a new patrolman has been hired. Budget discussions are beginning. The Parade Committee is gearing up for Morris Plains’ 25th Anniversary Memorial Day Parade.

28 deer have been culled in the deer hunt. A personal safety seminar will be held on 2/23 for residents regarding protecting themselves against identify theft and burglary at shopping malls.

Mrs. Fu closed her report with the news that the Teen Center had to cancel many of its winter events, due to the inclement weather this past month.


Mrs. Nelson moved to approve payment of $95 for the Board’s Annual Membership in the N.J. Local Boards of Health Association. Dr. Fenimore seconded the motion.

Roll Call: Mrs. Marshall - yes

Mrs. Nelson - yes

Mr. Ripley - yes

Dr. Fenimore - yes Motion carried.


Numbers from the Jan. 9 Rabies Clinic were distributed and analyzed. The suggestion was made by Dr. Werner to include on next year’s registration form the fact that only one cat is allowed per carrier. It was also recommended and decided that the line through the garage be reversed from this year. This will eliminate the pets coming in contact with each other while waiting indoors.







There being no further business, Mr. Ripley moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Dr. Fenimore. Voice vote. All in favor. Motion carried.?


Carole J. Howell