Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Board of Health Meeting Minutes 10/12/11

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Morris Plains Board of Health held on October 12, 2011, at 7:30 P.M., in the Council Chambers, Borough Hall, 531 Speedwell Avenue, Morris Plains, New Jersey.

The following members were present:

Present: Mrs. Peg Dugan Mrs. Catherine Marshall Mrs. Pam Nelson Mr. Larry Ripley Dr. Dario Fenimore

Attending: Mr. Ben Samara, Sanitarian Mrs. Laurie Fu, Council Liaison

Pledge of Allegiance

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Dugan at 7:35 P.M. Mrs. Dugan stated that adequate notice of this meeting was published and posted in accordance with Chapter 231 of the Public Laws of 1975, "Open Public Meetings Act."

Approval of Minutes Mrs. Dugan requested that the Minutes of September 14, 2011 be amended as follows: under the complaint of overgrown grass, that the words "at a private residence" be added. Under the topic of the dead crow, that the following be added: "The crow had decomposed and therefore no further action was required. Mrs. Marshall made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Dr. Fenimore seconded the motion. All were in favor.Sanitarian’s Report

Mr. Samara will continue to monitor Coco Pazo. The question was raised by a patron as to why they seem to have closed their doors with a note that claims they are having problems inside the building. Mr. Samara has not heard anything from them and agreed to contact them immediately.

Mr. Samara has check eating establishments that keep salads and pickles out on the tables. He has received a letter assuring him that these vegetables are thrown out after each party has completed their meal.

When a restaurant manager was approached by Mr. Samara about the presence of a small dog in the restaurant while its owner dined, he denied ever seeing any animal. The restaurant was informed that only guide dogs may be allowed in any eating establishment.

Mr. Samara is keeping a watch on the municipal parking lots, having surveyed them 3 weeks in a row in September.

Mr. Samara reported that a septic abandonment had taken place on Stiles Avenue. His inspection revealed a septic pit that was never filled in. The owners have since collapsed it and filled it in.

Mrs. Fu asked Mr. Samara where the popcorn machine needs to be stored at Community Park. Mr. Samara explained that it must be off the floor.

Madison Health Department bill for the second quarter of 2011 in the amount of $23,278.25

Dr. Fenimore made a motion to approve payment. Mrs. Nelson seconded the motion.

Roll Call: Mrs. Dugan - yes Mrs. Marshall - yes Mrs. Nelson - yes Mr. Ripley - yes Dr. Fenimore - yes Motion carried.

Fee Changes
Mrs. Dugan received a request from June Uhrin that the Board study the fees of neighboring towns in order to determine whether or not our fees are in line with the current fees being charged. Mrs. Dugan and Mr. Samara both felt that our fees are in line with the other towns. Mrs. Uhrin would like to see a late fee for licensing of $25. The Board agreed with this. However, they did not see a need to raise the animal licensing, since the maximum is $21 in other towns and we charge a maximum of $19. Mrs. Dugan will email Mrs. Uhrin that the Board agrees with her recommendations.

Mrs. Marshall then made a motion to increase the licensing fees as recommended by the Borough Clerk. Mr. Ripley seconded the motion.

Roll Call: Mrs. Dugan - yes Mrs. Marshall - yes Mrs. Nelson - yes Mr. Ripley - yes Dr. Fenimore - yes Motion carried.

Mrs. Fu reported that the publicity for Wellness Day on Oct. 15 has been advertized on the Patch website. It has also been placed in the "Highlights" publication at Borough School. The sign in front of Borough School has been completed and the Board is pleased with the way it turned out.

Mrs. Fu reported that each municipality has been asked to apply for the Sustainable New Jersey Certification. Morris Plains did apply and received a grant. Penny Jones has agreed to attend the Wellness Day in order to answer residents’ questions regarding single stream recycling.

Council Report
Mrs. Fu reported that the Borough had 75 garage sales participants. The Community Garden will be closing for the season. There will be composting. The tree lighting is scheduled for December 4. The next paper shredding is scheduled for 9 – Noon this Saturday. The police department is helping with Operation Take Back. This asks residents to collect and bring their outdated prescriptions to the Wells Fargo Bank site (Rt. 10 & 202) on Oct. 29 from 10:00 to 2:00. 22 deer have been culled and 9 have died of midge bites.

The Municipal Alliance will be celebrating Drug Free Schools Week on Oct. 25. Brunch and Learn will take place on Oct. 17 at 10:00 A.M. Mother/Daughter night is on 10/15. 90 registrations have already been received.

Mrs. Dugan reported that the budget process will begin soon. She hopes to include a request for more of the informative rabies brochures the Board has recently received.

There being no further business, Mr. Ripley moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Dr. Fenimore. Voice vote. All in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M.


Carole J. Howell Secretary