Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Shade Tree Meeting Minutes 10/06/10

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Morris Plains Shade Tree Commission held on October 6, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the Borough Chambers. Present at roll call were:

Present: Mrs. Margaret Law

Mr. Donald Salerno

Mr. Lawrence Travaglia

Mr. Dave Visscher

Mr. Lloyd Williams, Chairman


Mr. Robert Dubee, Forester




Mr. Williams called the meeting to order. He stated that adequate notice of this meeting has been posted and published in accordance with Chapter 231 of the Public Law of 1975, "Open Public Meetings Act."



September 1, 2010 minutes, it was suggested that the following be added to the Comments from the Public section concerning Mr. Paul Hannigan request on page 415. "Forester stated that this tree is a 12" to 24" locust and should be removed w/stump. Mr. Williams stated that the Commission will act on this request."


Mr. Salerno moved that the minutes of the September 1, 2010 meeting be approved as amended, seconded by Mr. Visscher. Voice vote. All in favor. Motion carried.



Mr. Williams opened the meeting to the public to speak on matters other than those on the agenda.



Commission members reviewed the current status of the budget. The amount remaining is approximately $8,013.00. No Purchase Orders have been prepared for the trees to be planted. This is because no decision has been made as to how many trees will be bought.





Mr. Dubee presented his report.


Mr. Dubee commented on Purchase Order #84086 which included several trees needing pruning, however, two of the trees on this list died in the interim. He requested that these two trees be deleted from the list and instead indicate on another Purchase Order that these two trees should be removed along with the stumps. One tree is at 22 Hillview Avenue and the other is at 58 Old Wood Road. Both are under 12" in diameter.


8 Hawthorne Ave. – Forester stated that he received a message from John Engler. He asked if anyone knew what the message refers to. The tree the resident is complaining about is not a Borough tree. It has wires in the branches, but this is not the concern of the Commission. He has a telephone number and will contact the resident.

5 Forest Drive – Forester received a phone concerning (1) 12"-24’ oak tree with dead limbs and branches. Work has been completed, needs to be place on PO. for pruning.

49 Parker Drive – Forester stated he observed the tree and there is no tree problem at this location. He will notify the resident.

18 Wynwood Rd. – Forester stated the (1) 24"-36" oak tree needs to be pruned.

50 Granniss Ave. – Forester stated that (1) 24"-36" tree w/stump needs to be removed.

3 Wynwood Rd. – Forester stated (1) 12"-24" tree needs to be pruned.

3 Juniper Dr. – Forester stated that (1) 12"-24" maple tree be pruned.

1 Greenwood Rd. – Forester stated there is a problem with trees on the right side (the Briarcliff Road side). After measuring, Mr. Dubee determined these trees are not Borough trees, but probably planted by the original owner. He stated he left a note for the resident; he will visit the location again and speak w/resident.

30 Jaqui Avenue – Forester stated the (1) 12"-24" locust tree needs to be pruned.

48 Glenbrook Road – Forester stated (1) 12"-24" tree w/stump needs to be taken down.

16 Glenbrook Road – Forester stated that (1) 12"-24" maple tree w/stump needs to be removed. This Maple tree is also 12" to 24".

92 Glenbrook Road – An Oak tree that was planted last year should be replaced. Mr. Williams will notify Cerbo.

7 Wyckoff Way – Memorandum dated September 28, 2010. Mr. Williams requested that a stump be removed. He visited the site, but saw only shrub stumps on the corner. This site will be looked at again by the Forester and placed on the worksheet for discussion at November meeting. .

21 Idlewild Drive – This is at a new construction site. There were two trees, one was to be pruned; the other one was removed, but apparently was removed by the resident. Cross discussion about whether this work had been purchase ordered. Mr. Dubee will check further on this. This item may be removed from the list after checking is done.

42 Glenbrook Road – Forester stated that (1) 24"-36" tree w/stump needs to be removed.

10 Dayton Road – Forester state (1) under 12" in diameter tree needs to be removed.

15 Dayton Road – Forester state (1) under 12" in diameter tree needs to be removed.


Mr. Dubee advised that the Department of Public Works (DPW) staff can handle the removal of the two Dayton Road trees. Mr. Salerno will notify the DPW.


Mr. Salerno advised that someone from the power company came into the office recently about the Dayton Street tree(s). This person advised that Greenwood had contacted them.


Mr. Dubee replied that the power company has to make it safe for his company staff to do the work the needs to be done. They were up in the primaries.


6 Valley Stream Drive – Forester stated the (1) 12"-24" maple tree needs to be pruned.

Court Road and Littleton Road – Mr. Salerno is requesting that five trees on the corner that are in very poor shape be removed. These trees are 12" to 24" w/stumps of the same size. Cross discussion about exactly which trees he is referring to; Mr. Dubee will check the trees again to be sure everyone is referring to the same trees. There are two other large trees further back, but he suggested waiting until 2011 to discuss them.

35 Cutler Road – Forester stated that there is a root problem at this location. He believes there is a procedure stating that homeowners are responsible for roots that go onto their lawns. He is recommending that (2) 12"-24" locust trees w/stumps be taken down.

123 Glenbrook Road - The Commission Secretary advised of a telephone call from Councilman Coogan today. The resident is requesting that a tree be planted at this location. Mrs. Law suggested placing this location on the list for future tree planting.


Cross discussion about plans for new tree planting that were determined in part by their recent inspection of Borough trees in the different districts, including the species planted last year (Ash, Pin Oak, and Sugar Maple) and that 20 varieties have been suggested that Mr. Dubee will review and make recommendations on.


Mrs. Law cautioned against planting too many trees of the same species because if there was a disease of that species, many trees would be affected. She also inquired why Cerbo is the vendor each year.


The Commission Secretary advised the Commission will be over budget with all the work already discussed at the meeting ($8,170.00) and the current budget balance is $8, 013.00.


As to the work discussed at the meeting, Mr. Dubee recommended that each project be looked at to decide which are most critical and leave the remainder for next year. Situations posing safety issues and/or hazardous conditions should be taken care of.


The Commission members reviewed work projects discussed tonight to try and determine when the work should be done. Mr. Dubee made certain recommendations.


Some of the work the Commission members and Mr. Dubee believe can be deferred to next year are the trees at the corner of Court Road and Littleton Road and the stump on Wykcoff Way. Mr. Dubee said he could check out each situation and provide an assessment of when work should be done and report his findings to the Commission.


Mr. Salerno stated a certain amount must be available if trees are to be planted in the fall. He believes that amount is approximately $3,000.00 to $3,500.00.


After discussion, the Commission Secretary advised the remaining budget would be $4,670.00. She reminded that an additional $400 more that will go into this amount in connection with 58 Old Wood Road and 22 Hillview Avenue.


If the Commission purchases 17 trees at a cost of $265 per tree, the total will be $4,505.00. If the number of trees is reduced to 10 trees, the cost will be $2,650.00.


Cross discussion about costs for work discussed at this meeting, the cost of fall planting, the number of trees that should be purchased, what work might be able to be done by DPW staff, what work, pruning and otherwise, to defer to next year, and whether the DPW staff could handle some or all of the fall planting trees.


Mr. Dubee stated that he believes most of the work discussed at tonight’s meeting can be deferred to next year.


Mr. Salerno moved that the Commission proceed with tree removals minus 35 Cutler Road and the corner of Court Road and Littleton Road with stumps and that the pruning list be deferred pending Mr. Dubee’s assessment of any pruning that must be done for safety reasons, seconded by Mr. Visscher.


Mr. Dubee recommended that all dead trees be removed since they pose a hazard, except for 35 Cutler Road and the corner of Court and Littleton Roads.


Commission members and Mr. Dubee discussed how best to proceed in selecting the 10 trees to purchase for fall planting and deciding on the locations for planting.


The time of the November Commission meeting was changed to 2:00 p.m.



Mrs. Law asked about the bid form and whether reference to soil improvement and staking would be included. This would be under "Tree Planting." Is staking still a recommendation?


Mr. Dubee advised he no longer recommends staking because the tree does not build up an adequate root system to support itself. He is in favor of a reference to soil improvement





There being no further business, Mr. Travaglia moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Mr. Visscher. Voice vote. All in favor. Motion carried.



Karen M. Coffey

Commission Secretary

Maureen Sullivan

Recording Secretary