Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Shade Tree Meeting Minutes 11/03/10

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Morris Plains Shade Tree Commission held on November 3, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. in the Borough Chambers. Present at roll call were:

Present: Mrs. Margaret Law

Mr. Donald Salerno

Mr. Lawrence Travaglia

Mr. Dave Visscher

Mr. Lloyd Williams, Chairman


Mr. Robert Dubee, Forester




Mr. Williams called the meeting to order. He stated that adequate notice of this meeting has been posted and published in accordance with Chapter 231 of the Public Law of 1975, "Open Public Meetings Act."



Mr. Travaglia moved that the minutes of the October 6, 2010 meeting be approved as amended, seconded by Mr. Visscher. Voice vote. All in favor. Motion carried.



Mr. Williams opened the meeting to the public to speak on matters other than those on the agenda. Hearing none, he closed this portion of the meeting to the public.



Commission members reviewed the current status of the budget.


The Commission Secretary advised a Purchase Order for tree pruning with a total amount of $1,320. This total amount is incorrect, the correct amount was $3,080.00 a difference of $1,760. The pruning purchase order amount was corrected and the budget sheet reflects this correction.


Mr. Williams advised the budget sheet for the upcoming year was received, and it can be discussed at the December Commission meeting.


Mr. Salerno commented on the issue of the cap and the likelihood of cuts being needed, possibly in the range of 5 to 10 percent.





53 Burch Drive – Forester stated he has not yet had an opportunity to check on it, should be placed on worksheet for discussion at December meeting.


Mr. Dubee stated that the following work has been completed and a Purchase Order needs to be approved.

5 Juniper Drive – Forester stated (1) 36"+ pruning.

3 Juniper Drive – Forester stated (2) 12"-24" pruning.

30 Jaqui Avenue – Forester stated (1) 12"-24" pruning.


The Forester’s Report concluded.


Mr. Salerno confirmed that that all the above work needed to be done.


Mr. Williams reported he went with Cerbo this past Monday and bought all the trees to be planted. Cerbo replaced a number of trees as appropriate (Glenbrook Road, Mountain Way).



Mr. Travaglia moved that the Purchase Orders be approved, seconded by Mr. Visscher. Voice vote. All in favor. Motion carried.




Cross discussion of some of the work projects on the worksheet from the October Commission meeting.


The Commission members, Mr. Dubee, and the Commission Secretary reviewed the work projects that should remain on the worksheet.



Cross discussion about the bid process for providing forestry services.


There being no further business, Mr. Travaglia moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Mr. Visscher. Voice vote. All in favor. Motion carried.



Karen M. Coffey

Commission Secretary

Maureen Sullivan

Recording Secretary